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Last updated: 08.02.2023

Kam San Lake

Idyllic lake almost in the heart of Banlung. Kam San Lake is a lesser known and visited known lake as there are basically no attractions around the lake, even though it’s within walking distance from Kan Seng Lake, which hundreds or thousands of people visit daily.

What to expect

Frankly, there isn’t much to do except to walk around the lake, sit under one of the many trees and watch the locals fishing their dinner. That doesn’t mean that the lake isn’t beautiful, because in fact it is, but it has just never been very popular. 

It used to be different though, there used to be a large hotel on the lakes south side with a restaurant in the shape of a ship on the water. Today the hotel is decaying unfortunately and not operating anymore.

How to get to Kam San Lake?

When you’re at the Kan Seng Lake in the city centre, you can easily walk to Kam San Lake. It’s just a few hundred meters away. Else you can rent a motorbike or a bicycle. 

Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee. The lake is connected to public roads and easily accessible.

Images of Kam San Lake


You find the lake at the location marked below.