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Site created: 14.11.2022

Katieng Waterfall & Cave

A cool location for an afternoon trip not too far away from town. Enjoy the view from the top of Katieng waterfall and discover the cave below it!

What to expect

The Katieng waterfall is surrounded by native forest and rocks. You can stand on top of the waterfall or walk down the steps below it. During the dry season when the stream carries less water and the water is less cloudy, many people come to swim there. The waterfall is about 6 meter high and behind is a large cave that you can discover.

How to get to Katieng Waterfall?

The waterfall is beyond walking distance, you need to go by motorbike or if you’re up for the challenge by bicycle.

  • Rent a motorbike or bicycle and drive yourself
  • Hire a guide
  • Hire a motorbike taxi
  • Hire a tuk tuk taxi

Motorbike and tuk tuk taxis can be found at the large circle nearby the market or simply ask your hotel receptionist to arrange transportation for you.

Entrance Fee

At the moment the entrance is free of change but during high tourist season there is likely to be a ticket stand in front. We will update the page once the situation changes.

Images of Katieng Waterfall


You find the lake at the location marked below.