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Last updated: 13.12.2022

Yeak Aom & Beng Yeak Aom Lake

The twin lakes Yeak Aom and Beng Yeak Aom are something out of another world. Well hidden in a protected forest area and off the beaten path. Only very few people and even less tourists have ever seen this wonderful lakes.  


What to expect

You need a bit of preperation before visiting the twin lakes. Firstly you need a motorbike that can handle the journey through a narrow path through holes and mud and over rough and smooth. A little city scooter will surely not do the job and it wont be fun; the journey is part of the experience. Also make sure to pack some drinks. Your last chance to buy anthing is in Seda, the small town where to turn towards the Lomkod lake.

You’ve have arrived your destination when you see the spirit house and bench on top of a hill. See photo below. Park your bikes there and walk down the path towards the lakes.

We arrived there in the afternoon and were welcomed by dozens of animal sounds. Most of them unknown to us and one could have even been a monkey sounds. Over our heads circled a flock of at least 100 parrots. It made the tough journey so worth it. The lakes kind of gives you the feeling as if you are very first person to have ever seen it, a real explorer vibe.

The water of the Yeak Aom lake was very clear, just like Yeak Laom lake nearby Banlung, with the exception that we were the only people swimming there.


How to get to Yeak Aom & Beng Yeak Aom Lake

It takes about 1:45 to 2:00 hours to reach the lakes. If you are already at the Lomkod lake, expect another 30 minutes for the journey. If you want to attempt to get there without a guide, download the Google Maps map of the area beforehand, as you wont have celluar network the whole way. There are no signs pointing you in the right direction, so it’s recommended to hire a guide to take you to the Yeak Aom and Beng Yeak Aom lakes.

Note, the lakes can only be reached with motorbikes and NOT tuk-tuks or cars. The path is too narrow.


Entrance Fee

The entrance is free of charge.

Images of Yeak Aom & Beng Yeak Aom Lake


You find the twin lakes at the location marked below.