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Phum Damre Airavata

What to expect

It is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Especially on weekend afternoons the place becomes very alive. Visitors flock to the lake to eat, swim, take pictures and simply relax.

Between the ticket booth and the stairs down to the lake people of the ethnic minority group Tampuan set up small shops where they sell drinks, honey combs, rice wine, dried beef, wild fruits and other snacks.

Along the path around the lake are a dozen of small huts with hammocks. These huts are operated by several different restaurants. Guests can relax in these huts free of charge if they order food and/or drinks. Enjoy a cold drink with view on the water!

How to get to Phum Damre Airavata?

Although the lake may look very close to Banlung city center on a map, walking is quite demanding. There are easier ways to get there:

  • Rent a motorbike or bicycle and drive yourself
  • Hire a guide
  • Hire a motorbike taxi
  • Hire a tuk tuk taxi

Motorbike and tuk tuk taxis can be found at the large circle nearby the market or simply ask your hotel receptionist to arrange transportation for you.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for foreigners is $2 (8,000 Riel) per person and $0,25 (1,000 Riel) for Khmers.


The lake is about 800 meters in diameter, 48 meters deep and almost perfectly round. It is believed that a volcanic eruption created the crater some 700,000 years ago.

Images of Phum Damre Airavata


You find the lake at the location marked below.